In-Home Support Services

In Home Support Services


Discover Goodwill Is Now An In-Home Support Services Agency

If you are the caregiver for a loved one who has a disability and is on Medicaid, you might qualify to be paid up to 40 hours a week and receive medical benefits!

Discover Goodwill is now a Colorado Health First-certified agency for In-Home Support Services. This means we can help you, if you qualify, to receive a salary and health benefits, for something you are already doing for your loved one.

Your loved one can choose you as their personal care provider—whether you are their spouse, relative, friend, or another qualified individual. Discover Goodwill offers a salary of $11-12 an hour for nonskilled care tasks, and $17 an hour for skilled tasks. You might earn a combination of these hourly rates based on the type of care you are providing.

Based on your loved one’s needs, we can also provide skilled medical care when they need it, such as infusion therapy, physical or speech therapy and more.

To learn more, contact Discover Goodwill at 719-785-9294.
In Home Support Services In Home Support Services In Home Support Services

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