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Our Programs

Day Program for Significantly Disabled (Journeys)

A distinctive, safe and nurturing environment that provides sensory stimulation, calming activities and personal choices for adult participants with disabilities who require daily supervision.
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Day Program for Disabled (Possibliities)

Using an innovative, first-of-its-kind community as the core, Possibilities encourages unlimited learning and developing new life-skills for individuals with learning challenges by creating everyday living experiences in a highly tactile environment.
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Your Life Your Way

Your Life your Way in-home care helps people with medical conditions (including those recovering from surgery, accidents or illness) and even seniors enjoy as much independence as possible.
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Residential Services

Allows individuals to remain in their own home with assistance and oversight. Under this program, we also provide a community-based day program. Providers support the abilities and skills necessary for the individuals in services to access the community.
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Transition Services

Referred high school students with learning challenges receive one-on-one job skills development from experienced Discover Goodwill staff who help prepare students for competitive employment upon graduation.
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