Supported Community Employment

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For some jobs the most critical ability is reliability. Discover Goodwill can connect your company with skilled, determined and reliable employees. Through our Supported Community Employment program, we match motivated adults with developmental disabilities or other special needs to the specific needs of your company.  As an employer, you can help someone gain self-esteem and valuable work experience by providing a sense of community inclusion and allowing them to earn a paycheck. 

Hiring workers with a disability can:

  • Save you time and money in advertising for the job, recruiting and training
  • Allow you to cast a wider recruiting net
  • Enhance your company image through your commitment to hiring people of all abilities
  • Boost company morale by making a difference in someone’s life 
  • Support the community by hiring individuals who want to become tax-paying citizens.


We provide:

  • Vocational assessment of all employees
  • In-depth analysis of employer needs and work environment
  • Matching of employer needs to employee skills
  • Basic workplace skills training for employees entering the workforce
  • Job coaching during the early phase of employment
  • On-going support for both employer and employee to ensure long-term success

Maybe you still have some concerns and questions about hiring persons with disabilities. You’re not alone! Here are some of the questions we’re asked most frequently about hiring individuals with a disability.

  • Who is the employer? The business is the employer.
  • Why should a business hire an individual with a disability? In addition to the reasons above, a business should hire someone with a disability for the same reason they hire anyone—they have the ability to perform the required work. 
  • Will hiring someone with a disability increase injury liability? No. Statistically, employees with a disability have fewer work-related accidents than the general workforce.
  • Will current employees be uncomfortable working with someone who has a disability? Goodwill has discovered that any such discomfort disappears soon after the employees begin working together.

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