CDC’s Milestones Case Management Program Includes:

  • CW STEP: Launched in January 2018, Colorado Works Subsidized Training and Employment Program (CW STEP) helps connect at-risk populations who are eligible for basic cash assistance from Colorado Works—Colorado’s federally funded program providing temporary cash assistance for needy families—with crucial professional work experience and opportunity. This interagency collaborative program connects Coloradans facing significant barriers to employment with job opportunities.
  • Directions: Offers internship opportunities with certified partner organizations providing hands-on work experience to build your résumé and help secure employment.
  • Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Program: Three-month job training program—including coursework, internship, certification and job placement in the ever-growing healthcare field.
  • Fathers as Providers: Eight-week support program focused on employment needs and unique challenges for fathers. This is a referral-based program not facilitated by Discover Goodwill.
  • Subsidized Employment: Offers paid employment opportunities Subsidized Employment: Offers paid employment opportunities connect program participants with quality employment opportunities.

Requirements for Program Participants:

The Milestones Case Management Program is here to help you succeed on the job and in life. In return for our significant and extensive investment in your future accomplishments, you are required to prepare and follow an Individual Responsibility Contract (IRC), which includes the following work participation requirements*:

  •  Single Parent with Children under Six Years Old: Minimum of 88 hours of work activity monthly (22 hours weekly).
  • Single Parent with Children Six Years of Age or Older: Minimum of 129 hours of work activity monthly (33 hours weekly).
  • Expectant Mother without Children in the Home: Minimum of 129 hours of work activity monthly (33 hours weekly).
  • Two-Parent Household: Minimum of 151 hours of work activity monthly (one parent 129 hours and the other parent 22 hours).

*Your case manager will help you define and select work activities that meet your individual circumstances and objectives.