What is everyone saying about Possibilities?


It's simply amazing!!!
Sherry Somers - Parent of Participant
"Kendra just loves the Discover Goodwill Possibilities program since starting in June, 2012. She enjoys the art studio, apartment, gym activities, and all of the awesome support by the friendly and helpful Goodwill staff members. As her mother, I appreciate the beautiful site, not just its newness but the fact that the planned activities are all under one roof and she does not have to get in a van and be transported all over town for activities.The fact that the site is safe and well-supervised is a definite plus for both of us. Thanks to all of the Goodwill staff for making these past two months so enjoyable."

Brenda - Host Home Provider
"My Possibilities participant has been in three different day programs, and Possibilities is the first program that provided her with enough structure and learning moments to really flourish. Possibilities provides programming that allows her to process at her own speed, learn in a variety of ways and to be an individual. I have begged for a program like this and I can’t believe the change I’ve seen in her. Her confidence level has increased tremendously, she’s losing weight, she’s more focused, she’s articulating her needs better. I have seen her move from someone who was previously indifferent about day program to a person who feels meaning in her day, she is passionate about the program. The staff is FANTASTIC, I have every confidence that they are closing the loop and I know she’s safe at Possibilities."

Linda Childears - Foundation Sponsor
The Denver-based Daniels Fund got wind of the project, and the board embraced it wholeheartedly. The $1 million grant is one of the largest the organization has awarded. “Bill Daniels would love this program,” Childears said, referring to the late cable magnate with a wide philanthropic streak. “They so admired the approach and creativity (Goodwill) put into this effort”. The Gazette, Colorado Springs. February 23, 2012.

Barbara Winters - Corporate Sponsor
“We believe a hands-on experience through the Credit Union in the Possibilities Town Square will assist participants in gaining critical basic financial skills. Ent Federal Credit Union is pleased to support this unique and vital community service.”