Program Overview


First-of-its-Kind Program in the Nation
Possibilities presents a unique learning model that engages program participants through a series of new interactions and experiences. Using advanced curriculum, this first-of-its-kind program connects with participants on an entirely new level, motivating a deeper desire to reach out and engage. Using a simulated community as the core, Possibilities recreates everyday living experiences while encouraging safe and unlimited learning. In this tactile environment participants not only develop new life-skills, they also build self-esteem and confidence.


Connected to the Colorado Springs Community
What makes Possibilities truly spectacular is that the program directly connects with the local Colorado Springs community.  Through partnerships with local businesses, participants will be able to take newly acquired skills and apply them in their everyday life by engaging and interacting with the community around them. While we do not expect everyone who participates in Possibilities to become entirely self-sufficient, everyone will experience new levels of personal independence – making Possibilities a truly amazing and life changing reality.


Needed Resource for Diverse Populations
Possibilities was created as a resource for underserved populations. The program’s initial focus will be to serve participants with intellectual and physical challenges, helping them build skills that enrich their lives and allow for greater independence. As Possibilities continues to expand, it will broaden its reach and serve even more diverse populations such as those who need help overcoming learning or social challenges. Contact us if you or someone you know has a need that Possibilities can fulfill.


New Dimension of Education and Learning
Whether you’re seeking a full-day program or specific program modules, Possibilities stimulates and motivates participants by introducing a new dimension of education, recreation and engagement. By wrapping a complete interactive experience around each participant, Possibilities becomes a new environment and a more interesting world. Take a tour and spend a free day with us – imagine the Possibilities.


To learn more and begin to imagine the Possibilities call us toll free at 1-855-To-Imagine or see the Contact tab at this website.