Possibilities Mural Project

Trails of Possibilities

"Trails of Possibilities" is a mosaic-styled, 40-foot mural produced in collaboration with Discover Goodwill and the Cottonwood Center for the Arts. The mural's creation fell under the direction of Contemporary Artist and Project Director, Nancy Stage Robinson in partnership with Cottonwood Center for the Arts Executive Director Sandy Murphy, Cottonwood volunteer artists and Goodwill's Possibilities program participants. 

The hand-crafted mural incorporates over three dozen customized panels, forty color schemes and a wide array of textiles and accent pieces depicting a 24-hour, dusk-to-dawn time span interlaced with natural themes - including budding flowers, soaring doves, swimming sea life, meandering streams and trails, and a majestic mountainscape. Trails of Possibilities was created in 10-foot sections at the Cottonwood Center for the Arts over the span of four months and later transferred in segments to its permanent home on the back wall of the Arts Studio inside the Possibilities town square. 

Possibilities' participants were engaged in every stage of the mural's creation, giving them a strong sense of ownership and an incredible satisfaction in achieving something bigger than their personal challenges - a picturesque pathway to endless possibilities.

Nancy Stage Robinson
Nancy Stage RobinsonContemporary Artist and "Trails of Possibilities" Project Director

Nancy Stage Robinson is an accomplished, internationally-known artist with over 30 years of experience. Nancy's professional achievements include custom artwork for Trump properties and Hilton Hotels, along with sought-after pieces acquired by renowned art collectors and galleries worldwide. Her paintings incorporate contemporary color fields inspired by images captured through the Hubble telescope, utilizing diverse textures such as sand, gesso and metallics.